DutriRock Bedding Powder (DRBP)

  1. DutriRock Bedding Powder has three functions into one product:
    b. oxidization
    c. acidification.

Dutrirock helps to eliminate parasite eggs and pathogens like bacteria and virus. The active oxygen penetrates into the cytomembrance. The pH of surroundings can be lowered by the acidification and in meantime it reacts with lipids in the cell membrane.

  1. Absorb and degrade hazardous gas
    Ammonia and hydrogen sulfide impose great threat to the environment and health of man and animals.
  2. Dry ground to prevent slipping
    Aluminosilicate composites is capable of retaining water. It keeps livestock shed dry and clean.
  3. Aid wound-healing and helps to prevent epidemics and disease
    Magnasium salt helps to get an anti-allergic effect and helps traumatic wound healing. Dramatically ameliorate morbidity of breast infection, a hoof disease and diarrhea. Purify the barn environment, reduces infection stress.
  4. Green, natural, improve the environment:
    The natural aluminosilicate compound mineral helps to adsorb heavy metal ions fixed to the environment. After which it will still be non-toxic, no residue, harmless to animals even when taking in. No corrosion to equipment, and it can also improve the liquidity of the manure and helps to reduce bad smell.