DutriRock Bedding Powder

Four prominent problems in the swine farm

1 Serious diarrhea on piglets, resulting in various problems, and low survival rate.

2 High infection incidence of parturient canal and udder, serious affection on hoof.

3 Heavy dampness in houses, hazardous gas concentrated, bad environment, animals heavily stressed from epidemic disease.

4 Swamped with mosquitoes and fly, under threats from parasites like lice , mites , coccidium and ascarid.

Effect and performance

Thermal insulation for newborns and shorten accessible time to colostrum.

Diarrhea incidence lowered significantly.

Mortality decreased dramatically.

Weaning-weight raised markedly.

Therapy cost down greatly.

Population uniformity (size and weight in one herd)  better.

Sows’ health status promoted.



Application on chicken farm

Working as:

Keep bedding dry and warm (bedding around feed trough and drinking trough),  reduce feed mildew and promote feed intake.

Chickens evenly scattered, avoid crowding

Solidify manure and reduce pathogen transmission pathway.

Less aggressive pecking

Wound dry faster, and promote recovery

Improve parturition quality and reduce stress

Inhibit bacteria, fungus and other microbes multiplication, reduce incidence of infection.

Layers farm: especially used for curing disease of blastomycoses on layer chicken

Broiler farm: reduce infection to feet

Application method:

Spray to the ground or into the air by spraying machine

Dosage: 50-100 grams/m2

Three conventional problems often seen in cows farm

Mastitis: Directly spray powder onto cows beds. Bedding mixed with powder is healthful to cows’ udder, there is no bacteria surviving. This makes a dry hay bedding comfortable for cows resting.

Foot and limbs disease: The threat of foot and limbs disease are stressful and serious, constantly apply powder onto hoof to stay healthy.

Farrowing house hygiene: Smear powder and astringe umbilical cord, accelerate process of drying and healing and falling off. Smear powder onto the calves’ skin, reduce energy loss due to moist loss of the skin, boost physical ability, assist standing and taking in colostrum. Especially suitable for newborn calves in the cold and damp environment.


Use during parturition: reduce somatic cell production during parturition, avoid it infection suffering mastitis, ameliorate hygiene conditions in the farrowing pen.

Use when calves are born: Intensify drying conditions of umbilical cord and its surroundings.

Lower emission of ammonia. Ameliorate breath of newborn calves.

Use during lactation: Lower the bedding dampness, lessen the bacteria multiplication.

Ameliorate hygiene of udder and touched ground. Better the bedding heat. Dry skin and hoof so that resistance to bacteria is reinforced, suitable for prevention and control of hoof disease. Prevent and cure calves’ diarrhea.



To keep the stables clean and reduce the humidity, DutriRock Bedding powder can be added to the regular bedding in the stables. Dry skin and hoof so that resistance to bacteria is reinforced, suitable for prevention and control of hoof disease.



Net weight: 20 kg
Bag: 20 kg